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What'll I Do - with Randy Porter, John Wiitala & Dave Averre
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Perennial - by Steve Christofferson
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I'll Remember April - with guitarist Christopher Woitach
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Desert Moon - Averre
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I Do It For Your Love - with bassist Shao Way Wu
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Amongst Friends - by Annie Averre
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INHOUSE JAZZ 2013 "Something Cool" with Steve Christofferson on piano


 "...a quality musician and inspired composer" 

Randy Porter


San Francisco upright bassist John Wiitala described his experience after playing a concert with her, " … with vision and graciousness, Annie is a fabulous singer who ‘brings it’”


ANNIE'S MUSIC  is bright, vibrant and accessible, bringing nuance, lyricism, and a compelling stage presence to jazz audiences.


 A personal touch of warmth and an effective manner of telling the story through song... a style motivated by jazz greats, her singing has been described as “inspired” and “heartfelt” Annie delivers a song with warmth and spirit uniquely hers.

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